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 Redline CNC provides precision multi axis CNC Machining and Production Manufacturing Services.


CNC machining and production manufacturing can be a competitive business. Especially production manufacturing in Canada.  Redline CNC specializes in precision machining geometrically complex products built to demanding tolerances from  Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steels to exotic thermal  plastics. Top of the line precision machining production manufacturing equipment and the knowledge of precision machining processes keeps Redline CNC in the game.



Redline CNC supplies high quality CNC parts and precision machining services to their customers at competitive prices that meet or exceed their customer’s quality, delivery, and price expectations. This makes it much more attractive for customers to continue production manufacturing in Canada. Cellular manufacturing is one of the main reasons they are able to compete with overseas production manufacturing. Redline CNC is committed to improving precision machining production manufacturing processes to benefit both them and their customers to help keep  production manufacturing in Canada.






Production-Manufacturing-Redline CNC-Surrey-BC-production manufacturing in CanadaAnother competitive advantage besides Cellular Manufacturing that Redline CNC utilizes for precision machining is custom designed quick change fixturing. Whether it is part specific custom Tombstones on their production manufacturing Horizontal milling machines or quick change sub-plates for their vertical pallet changer CNC machines, Redline CNC is able to reduce setup and switch over times. This process also adds precision machining repeatability to the setup and batch to batch precision machining  production manufacturing.





Production manufacturing can be a fast paced environment. Precision machining tools are setup ahead of upcoming jobs to ensure a faster smoother transition from job to job. With the added convenience of being able to download the CNC machining programs from the workstations located at each CNC machine,  they are able to further minimize the downtime during production manufacturing. Just another reason why precision machining production manufacturing in Canada is a better choice.





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