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 The History of Redline CNC and their mission


Redline CNC, or sometimes known as just Redline, quest to begin production manufacturing in Canada was started in June 1998 in a small 450 square foot shop with just one CNC machine. Their commitment to superb CNC machining quality and delivery, at a reasonable cost, has driven their rapid growth. They continue to grow because of these commitments to their customers.


In the spring of 2003, Redline moved to a new 5000 square foot manufacturing facility, and expanded again in 2007 into more than 7000 square feet. In 2005 they purchased an 11 pallet CNC horizontal machining centre that demonstrated the payback from both Redline and their clients perspective on the benefits of lights out/multi-pallet CNC machining.  In 2007 when Redline recognized the need to tackle the issue of global competition of CNC machining,  they purchased a 34 pallet, twin CNC horizontal cell system, to allow for lights out, low – medium volume, high complexity CNC machining. This is also known as CNC cellular production manufacturing. With this new equipment, Redline CNC can better compete with off-shore production manufacturing from a cost perspective, and it also allows them to exceed off-shore service offerings from an inventory management perspective for precision CNC parts. Redline  believes that this flexible machining system  keeps production manufacturing in Canada.  Learn more about this in the Redline  What we do section to see how this technology is clearly the way to go for clients who are concerned with lean production manufacturing, and inventory reduction.  In addition to precision CNC machining, Redline  expanded their business to include precision assembly to help their clients obtain a full turn-key precision machining/assembly shop to allow them to focus on their core business expansions.


Redline CNC has been, and continues to be, totally committed to ensuring their rapid growth does not impact their goals of delivering the highest quality precision manufactured parts on time and at a fair price. To accomplish this, they have assembled a fantastic team of CNC machinists, programmers and support staff. Redline has installed an integrated production manufacturing control system which includes all aspects of scheduling and inventory. Redline expects to ensure our continued growth by continually increasing their CNC machining capabilities through new technologies, lean production manufacturing practices and state of the art CNC machinery.


The Redline CNC Management Team

Redline CNC is a privately owned company, with three equal founders. All of the founders were formerly employed in the Vancouver high-tech sector in various management/technical roles.

Lyle Hystad

Lyle is the face to the client, and works closely with all of their many customers. This includes developing a professional rapport with engineers and designers to ensure that Redline delivers them the quality product they require.

Lyle has been a CNC machinist since 1985 and worked as both an R&D and production manufacturing machinist in his early years in the trade.  In addition to CNC machining, his vast experience includes Team Leadership as a shop Team Lead at Creo Products, CNC programming and machining operations, vendor sourcing and qualification, purchasing, and major CNC machining equipment acquisitions.  His passion for CNC machining and production manufacturing remains the same as the first day he stepped behind a machine. He continues to play a major role within Redline including quoting, operation logistics and client relations.


Traci Bennett

Traci Bennett started her career in the high-tech sector in 1981.  Traci’s primary focus has been in Operations Management (former Vice President of Production Manufacturing with Creo Products), with her strength being in the logistics and business aspects of production manufacturing.  Having been on the receiving end of suppliers for years, Traci understands the clients needs for high quality parts , on time, and lean inventory management.  Her experience has helped Redline cnc introduce a new concept to an old industry. Redline CNC prides itself on keeping inventory exposure low for a client, while still being able to keep setup costs to a minimum for small batches. She continues to play a major role within the company continuously  stream lining the production manufacturing process.

Paul Mowat

Paul is certified as a CNC machinist from New Zealand since 1982. Although he started his career in the CNC production manufacturing trade, he has a variety of professional experience to compliment those skills.  Prior to starting Redline CNC, Paul was also with Creo products in the capacity of new product introduction, production engineering and production manufacturing. In addition, he had some years in drafting and has developed extensive experience in CNC Programming, production manufacturing and work hold fixturing. Paul has also implemented engineering change control systems, and material requirement planning systems.  He prides himself on automating and continuous improvement in all systems related to production manufacturing, precision machining, CNC programming and the supporting functions. He continues to play a major role within the company utilizing his CNC machining and production manufacturing expertise.


The Redline CNC Quality Policy

Redline CNC is committed to delivering their customers a superior product at a competitive price. Redline shall endeavor to deliver on time without compromising quality. “We believe that by exceeding your expectations, we can earn your business.” By working with our customers to develop long-term relationships, whether through design for production manufacturing issues, value added assembly, rapid proto-typing or high production, Redline has the right people and the right environment to grow with you.

Redline CNC is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by establishing measurable quality objectives and for ensuring compliance to customer requirements. It’s this commitment that sets them apart from the rest.

 Redline CNC-Production Manufacturing-Surrey-BC