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 CNC Machining, Production Manufacturing and Assembly of high Quality Precision Parts.


Redline CNC provides customers with Precision CNC Machining, Production Manufacturing, Surface Finishing and Assembly needs. Low to high volume production runs to quick R&D development and turnarounds at competitive pricing.

Precision CNC Machining

  •  Precision CNC Milling – Multi Axis CNC milling with 24/7 “lights out” or unmanned capabilities.
  • Cosmetic CNC Turning – Accurate turning with high luster finishing capabilities.
  • R&D Development – Quick and affordable rapid prototyping and turnaround.


Redline CNC demonstrates the job flexibility of their Cellular CNC Manufacturing System


Cellular CNC Production Manufacturing
Along with CNC machining and assembly, Redline  provides their customers with lights-out 24/7 cellular manufacturing capabilities. Redline CNC can provide numerous delivery possibilities by fixturing your precision CNC parts to produce any number of the daily or weekly quantities you require. Redline CNC currently has quantities ranging from 2 parts per night to 100 parts per night depending on the customer’s requirements. There are a number of advantages that Redline’s customers find useful by going to this production manufacturing system.  By utilizing the multiple faces on the many pallets available we can provide the following :


  • Quick R&D development and turnaround.  Redline CNC is able to make prototypes, “park” the setup, and await testing/quality analysis before running more.  Once Redline has receive feedback on design or production manufacturing changes required, they will be able to start up exactly where we left off without incurring more setup costs.
  • Redline CNC can run daily quantities of parts for our customers, instead of large batches.  For example, if the client only wishes to have 10 parts / week supplied, Redline CNC can produce 2 per day and drop ship weekly.  This results in no large batches (ie. running 200 at once and drop shipping 10/week).  Therefore, if the customer wishes to modify the part quickly and provide new features/design improvements  to the field or customer base, they will be able to get quick implementation without sitting on a lot of inventory, or scrapping parts already made.
  • Marketing forecasts are always wrong.  That’s just the nature of any business.  With this system of CNC machine/operations Redline CNC has developed, they will only produce a few weeks ahead of their customers consumption.  This means that there is not a huge inventory cost to “safety stock” for market fluctuations.
  • Redline CNC has implemented a Kanban supply system back to our suppliers of material to ensure we are not sitting on inventory either.  This keeps their costs down, and Redline CNC can therefore pass this onto their clients during production manufacturing.
  • By running the CNC machines unmanned,  Redline can offer a more competitive CNC machining rate to help reduce component costs.


Customer Parts Inventory Management

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) scheduling system – Ability to forecast quantities and run only the parts the customer requires.
  • JIT (Just In Time ) delivery processes – Finished parts always delivered to the customer on time.
  • Kanban /Lean procedures – Kanban, a Japanese word roughly meaning “signboard”. A visual process management system that tells what to produce. Kanban method saves time, money and eliminates waste to both Redline CNC and the customer.

Assembly and Finishing

  • Precision Assembly – Assembly and fitting of numerous fasteners, pins, helicoils and mating components.
  • Surface Finishing – Deburring, polishing, bead blasting, chromate conversion,gold and clear (Clear is ROHS Compliant), anodizing, electroless nickel plating, teflon coating, silk screening, powder coating, passivating, blackening, laser etching (Logos, artwork etc.)

Quality Control and Documentation

  • Scheduled Parts Inspection – Precision CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine ) assures your parts meet or exceed the specification requirements.
  • Quality control documents Full CMM reports and dimensional information available upon request.



Some of the Industries that Redline CNC Serves:

  • Aerospace
  • Precision Optical
  • Life Sciences
  • Astronomy
  • Security/Surveillance
  • Semi Conductor

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