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“Dealing with Redline CNC  is dealing with professionals, who are committed to get a great value to their customers, at a competitive price and timely deliveries” Stefan farkas – General Manager


“As a design engineer, I often look to Redline CNC for input into my designs. They offer valuable suggestions, and creative ways to solve difficult machining tasks.” Daryl James – P. Eng/Sr. Mechanical Designer -Burnaby, BC


“Redline CNC was able to meet our demanding requirements for precision machined components. The parts were delivered on time and were of the highest quality. I found the team at Redline CNC to be professional and attentive to our needs.”  Hans.C.Bos -Mechanical Design Engineer – Vancouver, BC


 “Working with Redline CNC has been great for our production and manufacturing needs.  Quality CNC machined parts always delivered on time at very competitive prices. Their flexible  cellular manufacturing system allows us to make revisions to our parts without halting production. A saving grace for any engineer ” Rob Jenkins – Mechanical Engineer – Phoenix, AZ




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