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Precision CNC machining technology is why Redline CNC produces high quality CNC parts at a lower cost.


Something Redline CNC prides itself on is its use of precision CNC machining technology. Redline  believes that this is what helps to separate them from their competitors. In todays fast paced world of precision CNC machining things are constantly changing. Redline CNC have made it their goal to stay current on everything from CNC machine technology, production manufacturing software to lean manufacturing processes.



24/7 “Lights out” Manufacturing.

Cellular Manufacturing:

Redline’s latest piece of CNC technology is a cellular manufacturing system.  This manufacturing system consists of 2 identical Horizontal CNC machines and a pool of 34 pallets to load parts onto. These pallets can go to either CNC machine and each has a capacity of 240 tools  allowing for a huge array of tooling. This state of the art CNC system runs lights-out or unmanned 24/7. This process is why high quality parts can be made for a lower cost.For ease of operator use we have incorporated a paperless documentation system into the CNC machine. When the pallets arrive in the changeover station the part specific documentation appears on a computer screen above the operator with all the information needed. This can consist of clamping pressures, part orientation, deburring instructions etc.  This user friendly system has helped reduce the reliance on paper documentation during machining and manufacturing.



Precision CNC machining technology.

CNC-Machining, Precision-CNC-Milled-Parts, Redline-cncCNC Machinery:

The CNC machines Redline have in-house have been carefully chosen to compliment the type of precision CNC machining and manufacturing that they have chosen to specialize in. They are extremely reliable and have the accuracy and repeatability required to manufacture your CNC precision parts to print every time. Investing in the latest CNC technology allows Redline CNC to stay competitive in the world of precision CNC machining and manufacturing.




 Precision CNC machining software.

CNC-Machining, Precision-CNC-Milled-Parts,  Redline-CNCSoftware:

At the heart of Redline CNC is a variety of cutting edge software that runs all aspects of the company to assist in production manufacturing. From Cad/Cam to CMM to a full blown ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, Redline  stays current with all of the latest versions to ensure we are at the top of their game. Productive precision CNC machining and manufacturing relies on such software to help achieve this.




 Production Manufacturing technology.

Redline CNC-Machining-Surrey-BCReal Time Information:

Redline  has installed and dedicated a PC at every CNC machine on the shop floor so that the Setters and Operators have access to view any and all information relative to the part in process. Productive precision CNC machining and manufacturing is something Redline believes in. These creative ideas helps Redline CNC achieve this.




 Production Manufacturing technology.

Production-CNC- Manufacturing-Surrey-BC-Redline CNCIntranet:

Redline  has developed many custom forms for production machining and planning that are used on a daily basis. These printouts are available from any computer on Redline internal Intranet. These can range from a tool order sheet to custom labels to CNC machine specific setup sheets. Redline employees can print any relative job documentation from categorized hyperlinks on this internal Intranet page for better efficiency.



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