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What separates Redline CNC from the others in the world of precision machining and production manufacturing.

The key to Redline’s success with supplying customers exactly what they want, when they want it, is in the equipment they utilize and the operating knowledge and systems they employ.  To the best of their knowledge, their systems, combined with their precision machining equipment, is very unique to Redline CNC. 

Currently they have four horizontal precision machining CNC milling machines that have a total of 56 pallets on them.  Each pallet has anywhere from 4 to 12 faces on it, depending on the size of the component, and the qty of parts we require on a nightly basis.  In addition, each face can run different parts if we choose to set it up that way, based on the clients needs.  The net result is that they can easily produce 200-300 different parts in a night, and a multiple of each of those parts to meet the needs. The everyday tolerances they hold are in the 10 to 20micron range. (.0005”-.001”) 

Manufacturing precision machining feedback on cost reduction for design is something Redline CNC prides them selves on.  Quite often there are simple changes to designs that can be made that will create a more manufacturable product at a much cheaper price.  The team at Redlin have been complimented by the engineers they work with due to the fact that they can get the features they want, and a cheaper price.  Many shops think that by reducing cycle time on a part, they are losing money they can charge a client.  Redline CNC believes that by reducing cycle time on precision machining they will make the client more successful, as well as them selves.

Redline CNC utilize an ERP system where they control all aspects of the CNC parts they manufacture.  Scheduling, material ordering, outside services (plating, painting), revision and documentation control, customer purchase order processing, are all integrated within one system.  At any time Redline  can tell their clients within a day of when they will receive their precision machined parts.  This can be weeks out and we still know exactly what work centre it will hit, and at which time. Redline CNC can achieve this because they incorporate the lead-time for all outside services into the process. 

At Redline CNC, they know there are thousands of shops out there, and they strive to ensure they stay on top of the precision machining technology that will keep them ahead of the pack.  Redline CNC knows that quality, delivery, and cost are what the client truly cares about.  They know their customers want to deal with professionals that understand their business needs, and that is why Redline CNC has developed systems to ensure there is a very limited inventory exposure and JIT deliveries.  They realize that we need to do everything within their power to make them selves particularly appealing vs. the lure of offshore manufacturing.  When dealing with Redline CNC, there will be no question on deliveries, quality or ongoing cost increases once the business is “landed”.  Their clients do not have to carry large inventories that reduce their ability to make quick marketing or engineering changes, and delay the critical speed required in today’s market getting to their new product out while using up “obsolete” stock.  There is no requirement to buy “containers” of inventory and have valuable cash tied up in warehouses or thousands or pieces of components.  Redline CNC knows that if they can make the client successful, they will be there right with them. 


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