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Quality Precision CNC Machining and Production Manufacturing gets noticed.


Redline CNC provides customers with Precision CNC Machining, Production Manufacturing, Surface Finishing and Assembly needs. Redline CNC has been recognized for their excellence in the industry. Quality precision CNC machining and production manufacturing are only a few reasons Redline CNC is at the top of their game. Low to high volume production runs to quick R&D development and turnarounds at competitive pricing.


In 2004, Redline CNC was awarded the Business Excellence Award from the city of Surrey, British Columbia. They were recognized for their outstanding contribution and demonstrated leadership within the high tech sector of the industry, commitment to excellence, productivity and community involvement. Redline CNC continues strive for that same excellence in precision CNC machining and production manufacturing.





CNC-Machining, Precision-CNC-Milled-Parts, Redline-cnc

Featured in a popular Industry magazine for precision CNC machining and production manufacturing, Redline CNC explains their success and what sets them apart from the competition. “Our customers in the high-tech sector work in a fast-paced, highly competitive market,” said Hystad, a machinist with 25 years of experience. “We can’t anticipate their spec changes, but we can stay nimble to help them adapt quickly and cost-effectively.” Read the full on article on Redline CNC here in Canadian Industrial Machinery




CNC-Machining, Precision-CNC-Milled-Parts, Redline-cnc

Owner and operations manager Traci Bennett weighs in on the highs and lows of manufacturing business in Canada. Featured in industry magazine Shop Metalworking Technology, follow the link to read what she had to say. Shop Metalworking Technology




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