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Redline CNC uses the finest CNC Machines for Production Manufacturing and CNC Milling of Precision Parts

Years ago when Redline CNC first started machining, they made a conscious decision to purchase equipment that would allow them to concentrate on developing bullet proof machining strategies rather than struggle to maintain tolerances. Based on previous experiences Redline CNC chose to go with Matsuura for our CNC milling machines and Nakamura Tome for the CNC Turning.


These high end Japanese CNC manufacturers have developed a strong reputation for building some of the most robust and technologically advance machine tools in the world of precision CNC machining today. Our lights –out capabilities rely heavily on having CNC machines that run day in and day out without interruption to deliver top quality precision CNC parts. In order to have cellular manufacturing work and walk away at the end of the day and lock the front door while the CNC machines continue to run you must have a lot of faith in the Equipment. These machines afford you that peace of mind.



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