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 CNC Machining and Manufacturing of Precision Parts is not the only thing that Redline CNC strives for.


Redline CNC believes that we should all do our part to help minimize our impact on the environment. In the last 5 years, Redline CNC has reduced their paper consumption by 70% by going electronic. Here are few other ways how Redline CNC is doing their part for the planet and Surrey BC.



cnc - Milled Parts- Redline CNC-Production- Manufacturing-Surrey-BCWith respect to packaging, Redline CNC try to work with their customers and develop re-useable boxes and containers for repeat parts whenever possible. This can range from plywood boxes to stackable plastic boxes with dividers as wells as custom heavy gage cardboard boxes. While protecting the environment, Redline CNC understands that many customer prefer their quality precision CNC machined parts protected as well.





Production-CNC- Manufacturing-Surrey-BC-Redline CNCMetal scrap is the debris or waste resulting from CNC machining operations such as CNC milling, drilling and CNC turning. These scraps are collected and stored continuously during production manufacturing. Redline CNC then sends them to a recycling facility in to later become the same materials they initially were ready for CNC production again.






Machining-CNC, Precision-Cnc-Redline-CNC-Milled Parts-CNC-Machining Cutting fluid is a type of coolant and lubricant designed specifically for metalworking and CNC machining processes and production manufacturing. All of the used oils and metalworking fluids utilized during CNC machining, CNC milling and production manufacturing are stored in totes and are sent to a recycling company on a regular basis.






 Production-Manufacturing-Redline CNC-Surrey-BCAs  CNC machining and production manufacturing processes improve, Redline CNC also improves by moving towards a paperless documentation system.  Most of their customers use electronic drawing files and faxes to send their information which further helps Redline CNC to achieve their paperless goal.





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